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Reserve the service of your choice directly on the appropriate page and the administration will contact you to propose an appointment.
  • The canine courses whether private or in groups are given on the training grounds, at home or on walks.
  • The behavioral reviews take place at our office: 3bis ch Champ Budin, 1258 Perly, on our grounds or at home depending on the trainer chosen.

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By Phone : +41 79 969 59 84

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AoA locations access

Client location

Next to the Centre sportif des Cherpines and of the Gavotte in Grand-Lancy in Geneva, more precisely at the crossroads of the chemin des Charrotons and the chemin des Cherpines.

TPG: lines 42, 23 stop “Les Bruyères”

Doggy daycare location

601 Chemin de la Donchère, Viry, France

AoA Sports location

Rte de Loex 103 A, 1233 Bernex

Parking is not easy, while parking is possible on the grounds, to remain neighborly and avoid conflicts, we prefer that you park in the lot of the Centre Cressy (paid parking), in the bleue spaces on ch. de Carabot or along the Evaux farther down the rte de Loex or better yet, in the lot of the Parc des Evaux and cross the park on foot (10 min) providing an opportunity to relax your dog with a little exercise before the course.

Perly office

Chemin de Champ-Budin 3bis, Perly

The office is on the ground floor and is accessible by an independant entrance in the rental building. Follow the mail box n° 3bis from the parking lot.

TPG : Lines 4, 42, D – Stop “En Louche”

Behavioral reviews (and theory courses for professionals).

Sézenove location

Rte de Pré-Lauret 3, 1233 Bernex

AoA Formation location

Rte des Rupettes / ch. de la Ferraz, 1287 Laconnex

Parking is not easy, Careful when you turn, people drive fast here!
Parking is possible on the grounds if it has not rained or on the side of the chemins Ferraz (or others) but you must leave enough space for a tractor to pass.

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