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Participation conditions

  1. AoA éducation canine declines all liability in case of accidents on people present during courses, dog owners or anyone else present on site.
  2. Dog owners must have personal liability insurance coverage, that include corporal damages, material and moral damages inflicted upon third parties by domesticated animals as well as the reimbursement of fees related to visits by the Veterinary Services (SCAV) of the animal and the cost of certificates prescribed in the case on bites. Proof of insurance could be requested.
  3. AoA éducation canine does not discriminate based on the rage or age or the dog.
  4. Children are allowed to participate in the courses under the supervision and responsibility of their parents, but are NOT allowed to touch the dogs or climb on the obstacles.
  5. Your dogs must be leashed on or around the grounds, until the trainer authorizes release.
  6. You are welcome in the reception area before the start or your course as long as the dogs are leashed and do not disturb the preceding course in progress.
  7. All vaccines must be current before the start of the courses. Vaccination records could be requested at the beginning of the first course.
  8. The fees of the courses and subscriptions are due at the first course. The person responsible on site reserves the right to deny access to the courses if all fees have not been paid in full.
  9. All current subscriptions are non-refundable and non-transferable to a private course.
  10. Registration is mandatory.
Participation conditions