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Terms and conditions of sale


The prices in this catalog are in Swiss francs, net without taxes (non-taxable).

Your registration

Your registration is definitive and your participation will be neither reimbursed nor exchanged for another futur service, Except in the case where WE must cancel and without other compensation

In the case where you miss a course, no matter what the reason, you will have to re-register and pay for your spot.

Your obligations

Des participation conditions apply to the registration for ALL our services. By placing your order you acknowledge having read and accepted them.

Also, you willingly comply with the following:

  • not broadcast, show, copy or use the photos, videos or audio recordings, implicate one of the trainers, instructors or oranizers on any medium be it paper, technological or Internet (website, Facebook page, etc…)
  • not broadcast, copy, show or use the contents and the materials distributed during courses to any persons or websites, webpages or other.


Orders placed online can be paid by credit card (via Stripe)

Returns or exchanges

Once registered for a service sold on this site, it will not be reimbursed for any motive and will be due in full even if abandoned or major impediment. It cannot be exchanged or postponed either.

Data protection

All personal data is considered confidential. The data necessary to carry out the order will be digitally processed and can be sent to third parties for said processing of your order.

The data collected and its use are outlined in our privacy policy.

Applicable laws and legal jurisdiction

Applicable law is Swiss Law. All litigation will be held before a court of the Canton de Genève and is subject to appeals.